The Egyptian god of darkness and destruction

Notes about the story:

I wrote this story after a simulation I ran using Universe Sandbox 2.

Watching what happened during the simulation was so much more interesting than I had expected, and I envisioned myself on the Earth as the simulation played out. What would it be like to really experience this? The idea really intrigued me and the idea for this story was born. So I saved the initial conditions for the simulation, and then ran it forward over and over and recorded data, times, values, etc. Then I created some characters to experience the events as they unfolded.

A secondary goal of this story was to write something shorter than my last one. This story is just over 4,000 worlds, or about 1/3 of the length of my last, so I am happy with my progress in writting shorter, punchier stories.


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06 JUL 2031 - 20:00 UTC

Many thanks to my supporters for another amazing Astro-Con! I'll get the prizes for the raffle winners sent out as soon as I have time to settle back in here. A very special thanks to Dr. Becky Cross for her talk on recent ground based telescope anomalies, it truly was the highlight of the con for me! And on that note, a little space news related to those anomalies. T...

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